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Do I need a Consultation if I would like to be Quiffed?

Yes! A proper consultation is needed in order to discuss your options and to do a colour match. Either contact us or do an online booking.

How long do I wear the system for?

Once the system is attached you can wear it for 3 weeks at a time.

Is it possible to shower and do sports with it?

Yes! It’s important to us that our clients pursue a normal lifestyle as far as possible. However should you have a very active lifestyle, more regular maintanance will be adviced.

How long does the hair system last?

Each of our hair systems has an average lifespan of 4 to 6 months, depending on how well you take care of your system. Some of our clients have made them last longer.

Can hair products be used for styling purposes?

Yes! However, for proper maintenance and durability of your system we advice using Quiff SA’s lightweight ph-balanced products, gels and hairsprays to insure a natural look and hold shape.

How does the maintance work?

We advise replacing the adhesive every 2 to 3 weeks. This time frame may vary due to your skin type and how active your lifestyle is. The system will be removed. Your scalp and system will be cleaned and the system will be re-attached to your scalp.

How effective is the attachment procedure and will it ever fall off?

No! If you keep up with your regular maintenance sessions, the system will be securely fixed. As previously mentioned, if you are extremely active you may need more frequent maintenance sessions to ensure secure fixing. When the edges of the system start lifting up, it’s an indication that your next maintenance session is due.

Will the system or adhesive have any affects on my own remaining hair?

No, our adhesive is safe to use on skin. The system allows your scalp to breathe and won’t affect your hair growth or promote further hairloss whatsoever.

How do I Clean it?

Shower as you normally would. Apply Quiff SA Shampoo. Do not scrub the hair, but use patting movements. Patting movements will clean your scalp as well. Rinse the hair thoroughly, making sure there is no product left on your scalp. Condition hair and comb hair through from the back of your head, working your way to the front. This eliminates knotting. Leave Quiff SA conditoner on for 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Proper cleaning and rinsing will eliminate itchiness.

We also advise using a weekly Quiff SA treatment to supply moisture throughout the lifespan of the hair.

How much does it cost?

Contact us for a personalised quotation!