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There are so many money making products and promises out there, but our non-surgical hair replacement system is the only solution that works for QuiffSA customers thus far.

“We at Quiff South Africa aim to boost our clients confidence and supply them with a professional service.” Jurie Hayes, founder and owner of Quiff SA.

Regain your confidence with non-surgical hair replacement

We understand each of our client’s individual hairloss needs. Our non-surgical hair replacement system is light, and is secured to your scalp for up to 3 weeks at a time. We would like each of our clients to pursue a normal lifestyle, therefore sleeping, showering, doing sports and living your life as normal as possible with our hair system.

Book a consultation with us in order to discuss your options and to do a colour match. Once the system has been received, your next booking is simply attaching the system and styling based on your personal preference. The maintenance of our system is simple and easy.

Quiff SA 2021 Non-surgical Hair replacement