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We offer the highest standard of Microneedling treatments currently available with nano needles and a dermapen technique. Different depths are used on different areas of the face and body.

By creating microscopic, short, needle prics on the skin, the brain is triggered to do wound healing on the area that is being treated. Old collagen is replaced with new collagen to eliminate thin, wrinkled skin. Damaged collagen is replaced with new healthy collagen to eliminate elevated or indented scars. More collagen is created inside of a stretchmark to *fill* the indentation of a stretchmark. No matter how old the wrinkle/ scar / stretchmark, it can be treated. We mimic an injury to the area to trick the brain into doing wound healing on an area.

This will result in wound healing on an old scar/ stretchmark / wrinkle and replace damaged cells with new cells. We use this same technique to stimulate hair growth on hair that is thinning. By sending blood with growth factor to the scalp, the body itself will start repairing inactive hair follicles.

6 Sessions are needed, 6 weeks apart and price is determined by the size of the area.


Day 1 – 3: Wash with facial cleaners / Bioscrub then apply cream recommended by your specialist. Example: Coconut oil / formulage.

Day 4 – 5: Wash with facial cleaner and user normal home care creams

Day 5 – 7: Exfoliate with formulage micropeel. No toner for the first 5 days.

SPF is very important from day 1 to 14. Rest 6 weeks in between.

Quiff SA 2021 Non-surgical Hair replacement