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I have been a client since June 2017. The new look enables me to feel confident and defineitely changed my life. I am very active in sport and with QuiffSA’s hair it is like having normal hair and enables me to do all my normal activities with confidence. The Quiff SA team is very helpful and friendly and they go out of their way to assist you in taking care of your hair. i am a very happy customer and would definitely remain one for a very long time. I strongly recommend quiff SA to my fellow South Africans. I am a changed man thanks to Quiff SA.

Ryno Ferreira

Losing my hair and going bald was truly a very sad (growing old) experience and part of life. However, after discovering Quiff SA, I feel rejuvenated in my appearance. It’s not that I ever lacked self-confidence to embrace going bald but it’s just so unnecessary with what Quiff SA offers. It took some getting used to in the beginning but I’m really loving my new hair. I haven’t had to wear a hat since.

Nico Nel

Jurie and the Quiff South Africa team has changed my life, my confidence level and approach to people has changed dramatically. Their service is impeccable, professional and very welcoming. The quality of the hair is amazing, as well as the accompanying products to maintain and style the hair is fantastic. I would highly recommend Jurie and his team to anybody. I have received such awesome compliments since showcasing my new look. Thanks QuiffSA. You guys are legends.

Philip Visser

It was amazing getting to know such a wonderful team with a brilliant product within South Africa. QuiffSA’s hair system changed my life in so many ways. My confidence level has changed dramatically. It helped my overall sport appearance as well, as I am South African Mens Physique Champion. Their service is professional and they always make me feel welcome.

Hazeem Malaka


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